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UGA agricultural economist pinpoints what makes international development projects work

UGA agricultural economist Nick Magnan and his colleague Grace Motey interview women who work buying and selling peanuts at a market in Ghana.

UGA agricultural economist Nick Magnan and his colleague Grace Motey interview women who work buying and selling peanuts at a market in Ghana.

What is the best way to help people in developing countries build food security? Thatís the question at the center of University of Georgia agricultural economist Nick Magnanís research.

Magnan, who joined the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics in 2012, was recently tapped by Heifer International to measure the effectiveness of the groupís livestock-transfer outreach strategy. Heifer International is a non-profit that provides livestock to families in developing nations.

Magnan and his collaborators approached Heifer International after National Public Radioís Planet Money produced a podcast comparing livestock and cash transfer programs in developing countries. The story criticized Heifer International for not having a system in place to measure its impact.

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Rachel Wigginton, who is pursuing her master's degree in agricultural and environmental education. International Agriculture Certificate students share stories

Over the 25 years that the UGA CAES has offered its Certificate in International Agriculture, more than 125 certificate students have traveled to dozens of countries throughout the world.
Published September 17, 2015

The first place winner of the 2015 Ag Abroad Photo Contest. Fifth annual Ag Abroad Photo Contest brings the world to the University of Georgia

These studentsí photos are representative of an expanded worldview, unique educational opportunities and life-changing travel experiences.
Published June 25, 2015

UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Science Dean J. Scott Angle, PMIL Director Dave Hoisington, Food for Kids Ag Research Specialist Will Sheard, Meds and Food for Kids agronomist Jean Phillipe Dorzin and UGA peanut pathologist Bob Kemerait. CAES administrators visit peanut production facilities in Haiti with Feed the Future PMIL

Sometimes the most impactful research is conducted on the farms and in the countries that will be most affected by the work.
Published June 24, 2015

Sushil Yadav, a Borlaug Fellow who spent four months at the University of Georgia Center for Applied Genetic Technologies working with Zenglu Li Borlaug Fellows Team with UGA Researchers to Enhance Food Security in Home Countries

International agriculture scientists work with UGA faculty to help improve food security back home.
Published June 15, 2015

CAES faculty ready themselves for a summer of international travel

In an effort to increase international collaboration on research and outreach projects, the Office of Global Programs at the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has awarded its 2015 international travel grants for college faculty.
Published May 18th, 2015

UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences to host students from Vietnam

The University of Georgia is more than 9,000 miles away from where most Vietmanese college students pursued their undergraduate degrees, but representatives from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences want it to be on the top of their list of possible graduate schools.
Published May 7, 2015

Associate Dean and Director of the Office Global Programs Amrit Bart meets with Ghana Ambassador Joseph Henry Smith. Ghana Ambassador: Honorary Consulate Considered for Atlanta as Business Ties Increase

Ghanaian Ambassador Joseph Henry Smith meets with UGA CAES Office of Global Programs Associate Dean Amrit Bart to discuss poultry initiatives in this article featured in Global Atlanta.
Published April 30, 2015

Associate Dean and Director of the Office Global Programs Amrit Bart, Kanemasu Award recipient Emily Urban, and Edward T. and Karen Kanemasu at International Agriculture day 2015. UGA Celebrates Global Outreach at CAES Office of Global Programs International Agriculture Reception

CAES students are set to embark on the adventure of the lifetime this summer ó traveling to Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe to learn about agriculture and the environment.
Published April 30, 2015

Photo: Video conference class tackles agricutlural issues. UGA students tackle global conversations on controversial agricultural issues

The course provides a space for people from different cultures to come together and discuss some of the most heated topics facing the agriculture today.
Published April 23, 2015

Prabhu Pingali, director of the Tata-Cornell University Initiative for Agriculture and Nutrition, will speak Tuesday, April 7, at the Georgia Museum of Art as part of this yearís International Agriculture Day event. International Agriculture Day Speaker To Discuss Ending Malnutrition

The world has the means to eliminate hunger and malnutrition, but accomplishing this task requires convincing international policy-making groups to focus their energies on that common goal.
Published March 17, 2015

Photo: Darold Batzer (L) and Leonardo Maltchik of Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos at a wetland in southern Brazil. They are beginning a collaboration on wetland invertebrate ecology research. New OGP Travel Fund Sends Faculty To Brazil, Vietnam and New Zealand

The Office of Global Programs Faculty International Traveling Funding Program is already under way with an application deadline of April 1.
Published March 17, 2015

Photo: OGP Advisory Team members Maria Navarro (l) and Joe Broder (r) collaborate at Global Programs strategic planning retreat. UGA Office of Global Programs Establishes Advisory Team

An advisory team that includes top University of Georgia administrators and faculty has been established to provide guidance to OGP.
Published March 17, 2015

Photo: Scott NeSmith visits with growers in Peru to examine blueberry varieties currently being grown there and to establish test sites for UGA blueberry germplasm. UGAís Blueberry Program Goes Global

UGA horticulture professor Scott NeSmith helps lead Georgia to the top of the nation in blueberry production in 2014.
Published March 17, 2015

Vietnamese Graduate Student Recruitment Begins

CAES has a new opportunity to strengthen the collegeís relationship with Southeast Asia and recruit Vietnamís top graduate students to complete their doctoral degrees at UGA.
Published March 17, 2015

Photo: Faustine Sonon Q&A: CAES Student interns in Bangkok

Faustine Sonon a CAES food science and technology major, interned with the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand last summer.
Published February 17, 2015

Photo: Borlaug Fellows Agnes Mwangwela from Malawi and Joelle Kajuga from Rwanda Office of Global Programs hosts African Borlaug Fellows

Norman E. Borlaug visiting researchers are working to ensure the safety of the peanut crop in Africa with the help of UGA CAES.
Published January 2, 2015

The Office of Global Programs celebrates a year of enhancing international cooperation

As the faculty and students of the University of Georgia CAES look back on 2014, one thing that may stand out is the number of days they spent traveling.
Published December 24, 2014

Photo: International Agriculture Certificate student Camden Lowrance

International Agriculture Certificate student recounts experience overseas
Studying overseas was an eye-opening experience for University of Georgia graduate student Camden Lowrance.
Published December 22, 2014

Photo: Dr. Amrit Bart

Amrit Bart's goal is to build connections
Global Programs director plans to expand international relationships.
Published December 8, 2014

Mini Summit

Asian, American scientists work together for safer food supply
A group of scientists from China, Taiwan and Japan attend the Seventh Annual Mini Summit on Food, Policy and the Environment.
Published October 16, 2014

Chinese Summit

International scientists to share research at October in Tifton
The CAES Office of Global Programs will host more than 25 scientists from China, Taiwan and Japan.
Published October 01, 2014

Mercy Butao, from Malawi, Africa, checks out peanuts during a stop on this year's Georgia Peanut Tour.

Georgia Peanut Tour a major attraction for international farmers
Peanut production in the United States approaches 5,000-7,000 per acre.
Published September 25, 2014

The Office of Global Programs participates in Rock Eagle meeting with PMIL

Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab Team Meeting at Rock Eagle
PMIL hosted over 35 national and international project partners for an intensive whirlwind of events throughout Georgia USA.
Published August 21, 2014

Ross partners on USAID and NSF research project
Dr. Ken Ross (Associate Professor, Entomology) is a partner on one of 39 Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) Science projects recently awarded.
Published August 20th, 2014

Photo: James (Jamie) Rhoads, Assistant Director Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab

New Assistant Director of PMIL
We are pleased to announce that James (Jamie) Rhoads has officially joined as the Assistant Director of the Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab (PMIL).
Published July 21, 2014

Photo: Former President Clinton at Accesso Peanut Enterprise Corporation launch in Haiti

Clinton Foundationís launch of Haiti peanut depot
The Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab participates in Accesso Peanut Enterprise Corporation Launch with former President Clinton.
Published July 3, 2014

Photo: Strategic Planning Group for the Office of Global Programs

Office of Global Programs Builds Strategic Vision
Retreat focuses on path towards CAES recognition for depth, diversity and quality of its international engagement.
Published June 26, 2014

Thailand Reserach Fund and UGA Representatives sign partnership agreement

Thailand Research Fund partners with UGA
The institutions signed a partnership for collaboration on international agriculture education and research.
Published May 28th, 2014

Photo Contest Winner

2014 Agriculture Abroad Photo Contest
The CAES Ag Abroad student photo contest winner was announced at International Agriculture Day reception.
Published April 16th, 2014

Amrit Bart Director of the Office of Global Programs

Amrit Bart Director of Office of Global Programs
CAES has new assistant dean for international affairs and director of the Office of Global Programs.
Published April 14, 2014

Dean Angle and Dr. Kanemasu at International Agriculture Day

International Agriculture Day Reception
Ed Kanemasu's legacy was celebrated by the CAES at the 2014 International Agriculture Day.
Published April 09, 2014

Photo: An agricultural delegation from the Republic of Mali

Malian agricultural delegation returns to the University of Georgia
An agricultural delegation from the Republic of Mali visited the University of Georgia and meet with faculty and administrators.
Published on January 30, 2014

SHOU Delegation Students

CAES Hosts SHOU Delegation
Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU) delegation visited the University of Georgia to participate in a summer intensive English program.
Published Summer 2013

CAES Team Visits UGA Costa Rica to Evaluate Sustainability
UGA Professors were asked to assess opportunities for developing programming in sustainable agriculture.
Published Summer 2013

Charnai Ross in China

International Agriculture Certificate Students Abroad
Students Keneisha Harrington, Alyson Wells, and Charnae Ross update us on pursuing their Certificates in International Agriculture.
Published Summer 2013

Victoria LeBeaux and Dr. Ed Kanemasu in 2006

International Agriculture Certificate Alumna Update
Victoria LeBeaux, who earned her Certificate in International Agriculture in May 2006, recently completed her PhD from Iowa State University.
Published Summer 2013

MS Candidate Thompson Conducts Program Evaluation in Haiti
Will Thompson, M.S. Candidate, Agricultural & Applied Economics, spent the summer in Haiti working on a program evaluation for Global Health Action.
Published Summer 2013

Fonsah Participates in Faculty Exchange Program in France
During June 2013, Ensendugue Greg Fonsah traveled to France to participate in an EU-US Atlantis Program faculty exchange to Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais.
Published Summer 2013

Diego Barcellos in Brazil among the trees

MS Candidate Barcellos Conducts Research in Brazil
Diego Barcellos conducted a field experiment in Porto Alegre, Brazil, using trees to remediate contaminated soil.
Published Summer 2013

Parrott Hosts Ecuadorian Students for Summer Internships
Army Polytechnic School (ESPE) Quito, Ecuador students Eve Quiroz and Jare Dominique, conducted summer internships at UGA.
Published Summer 2013

Douce Presents Seminars in France and Switzerland
Co-Director of UGA's Center for Invasive Species & Ecosystem Health conducts visit focused on collaboration and information sharing.
Published Summer 2013

Walid Alali recipient of the 2013 Larry Beuchat Young Researcher Award Alali Wins 2013 International Young Researcher Award
Congratulations to Walid Alali recipient of the 2013 Larry Beuchat Young Researcher Award.
Published Summer 2013

Billy Carballo, a student from the University of Lleida in Spain

Kerr Hosts Intern from Lleida, Spain for Summer Research Internship
Billy Carballo, a University of Lleida student from Spain interned at UGA on the project: Development and Evaluation of Avocado Oil Processing.
Published Summer 2013

Graduation Day-Uganda

Agricultural Training Activities in Uganda
Sam Ingram and Bob Waldorf conduct a half-day conference to educate 12 farmers in Uganda about the basic principles of agriculture.
Published Summer 2013

4-H Youth Explore the Culture and Ecosystems of the Caribbean

4-H Youth Explore the Culture and Ecosystems of the Caribbean
UGA Faculty members and twelve 4-H youth visited Puerto Rico as part of the 4-H Global Citizenship and Environmental Experience.
Published Summer 2013

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