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Undergraduate Certificate in International Agriculture


Designed to complement required courses for majors in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the Certificate in International Agriculture can give UGA students the advantage of a global outlook and exposure to other cultures that, upon graduation, will make them more competitive in the job market.

Students participating in the Certificate program will concentrate on a specific country or region of the world. They will gain a working knowledge of the language as well as an understanding of the environmental, social, political, and cultural issues in that part of the world.


  • Requirements for the Certificate are flexible to allow for each student's particular interests. Courses can be taken as part of the curriculum for a specific major or as extra courses beyond those needed for the degree. student with yucca roots in Ecuador
  • To participate, students must take the following courses for a total of 23 credit hours:
    • AESC 3150, "Topics in International Agriculture" (3 credit hours) or ALDR/AFST/LACS 4710 "International Agriculture Development" (3 credit hours) or ALDR 3820 "Reflections on Fighting Hunger" (3 credit hours)
    • Foreign Language (8 credit hours) can be earned by a combination of UGA course completion, exemption, and/or intensive study-abroad language course
    • Internship Abroad (3 credit hours)
    • Nine additional credit hours among a wide selection of courses, including agricultural economics, crop and soil sciences, anthropology, finance, political science, geography, history, and speech. Other courses may be considered by the Global Programs Committee.


certificate student teaching school children in Cosat RicaThe Office of Global Programs will assist with finding internships for all students interested in the certificate program.




Enrollment Materials

Print and complete the application to request enrollment in the certificate program. Bring this application and your partially completed enrollment checklist to your first appointment with the Certificate Program advisors.

More Info

For help with enrollment or for more information about the Certificate in International Agriculture, contact your advisor, the Office of Global Programs at 706-542-1073 or Academic Affairs at 706-542-1611.

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